"MARY MAGDALENE - At the Feet of Jesus" Drama

"...inspiring and moving to enter into the life of Mary Magdalene and to understand her faith and love of Mary and Jesus."

"MARY MAGDALENE - At the Feet of Jesus" one-woman drama is a personal encounter with Saint Mary Magdalene. Based on sacred Scripture and authentic Church resources, my story seeks to honor this magnificent saint in a respectful and engaging way.  This compelling live drama performance shines a holy light upon her redemptive journey, her faith in Jesus, and her devotion to His teachings . . . even when many others walk away from Him.  At the request of Jesus, she is the first disciple to herald His resurrection.  The Apostle to the Apostles … this is her legacy.

"I loved how you brought Mary Magdalene to life - you actually look like how I think she may have looked."

My performance highlights God's mercy, her friendship with the blessed Mother, and the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.  This one-hour live performance, directed by Rob Tessier, brings familiar Biblical scenes to life and connects them with our faith.

  • The performance shines a holy light on this great saint
  • The story emphasizes God's Mercy
  • The story highlights the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist

My original music for the drama is melodic and compelling.  Although the songs are sung a cappella during the performance, orchestral arrangements are being created by Sister Rosemary Esseff, O.P. from the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia Congregation in Nashville, Tennessee.  Some of the song titles include "I Will Not Walk Away," which Mary Magdalene sings to Jesus upon hearing His "Bread of Life" discourse, "Gratitude," sung at anointing the feet of Jesus, and "I Have Seen the Lord!" 

"You took me back to that time and made it personal - I felt what it must have been like to be with Jesus.  Mary's story - you got it. Her journey."

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"Thanks again, and your story and song lyrics are stunning."

Performances now being scheduled for 2022 & 2023. Contact: Music@NancyScimone.com or 571-232-1873

"Beautiful Performance."     "Magnificent" 

Faithful and obedient to the Holy Roman Catholic Church's teaching magisterium.  Nancy Scimone has completed VIRTUS training.